This blog is a dumping ground (crass) or a clearinghouse (a bit classier) for my professional and personal writing.

I am a lecturer in the English Department and the Cultural Studies Programme at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand. You can find out more about what I do at work here (my public-facing research page). My core research is on gender and horror, and my book Women, monstrosity and horror: gynaehorror will be out in 2017 as a part of Routledge’s Film Philosophy on the Margins series. My key loves are film (especially horror) and popular culture, children’s media and animation, ladybusiness (issues of gender, sex and reproduction), theatre, places and spaces where art and science meet, and baked goods.

I’ve done a lot of theatre reviewing and writing, especially since around 2010. Lots can be found at Theatreview. The website’s search functionality is pretty creaky, so if you want to see an individual piece of writing then please let me know.

I use the terrific film social media site Letterboxd a lot, and recommend that you do too! I am a regular panellist and occasional host on the nerdy comedy podcast The Nerd Degree, which has a live recording on the first Wednesday of every month. I sometimes do stuff on the radio. I occasionally blog about Shakespearean plays here. In a moment of over-stimulation and unbridled ambition I decided I was going to read them all in a go, super-quick, but then real life got in the way so I am updating it bit by bit. There is a lot of swearing and gifs. It’s not my most professional work.

You can find out more about horizons of expectation here!