Intermittent clearinghouse – June 2016 edition

Here’s a sneaky round up / unceremonious dump of some of the things I’ve reviewed in the past couple of months:

The biggest bit of writing is this piece for The Pantograph Punch on the Court Theatre’s production of Uncle Vanya. This is the first extended review they’ve published on a piece of Christchurch theatre, and it seemed to generate a bit of discussion. Five word summary: pretty, torpid, kind of broken. I also just now contributed to PP’s quick rundown of some highlights of the upcoming New Zealand International Film Festival. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Christchurch leg of the festival ends up looking like, as the offerings in Auckland and Wellington are as lush, exciting and varied as you could hope for.

I’ve done a handful of reviews for Theatreview: Tom Trevella’s solo show 2Graves and the the physical and kinda peculiar two-hander Let’s Not Argue at the Lyttelton Arts Factory; the welcome return of improviser Jeff Clark’s schmoozy alter-ego in Gary Starlight Sings the Blues (part of the Cavell Leitch NZ International Jazz and Blues Festival); and Indian Ink’s revival of the delightful show The Pickle King, which was first performed 15 years ago and has been updated to centralise a same sex relationship.

The Nerd Degree keeps rolling on; I’m currently prepping an episode on medicine, having been utterly distracted and inspired by the Sawbones podcast.

If you’re interested in seeing what might exist outside the (black) box, check out local arts producer and entrepreneur Michael Bell’s intergalactic proposal for a space-themed theatre and entertainment complex in emerging Performing Arts Precinct, Andromeda, which was thrown out for public consultation at a lovely wee launch event at Orange Studios this week. Purple!

(Then there’s the usual work in the academic mines. No canaries dead yet.)




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