REVIEW: Jack and the Beanstalk @ The Court Theatre

Yesterday I reviewed Jack and the Beanstalk at The Court Theatre. The production’s delightful and inventive, although some of the interactivity with the audience doesn’t quite sit right yet.

Dan Bain’s playful direction of Brendon Bennetts’ witty adaptation also features some clever manipulation of scale through the use of costume pieces, action figures and the animated backdrop, rendering the distinctions between the giant’s over-sized world and ours both believable and entertaining. Zak Enayat gives a spirited performance as the foolish, cheeky Jack, and Amy Straker and Henri Nelis offer a delightful array of comic supporting characters, both living and inanimate.

The production adapts the set for the Court’s summer musical, Legally Blonde – an inevitable constraint that in this case is generally negotiated well. It makes excellent use of its moving LCD panels, and its rotating stage handily solves the perennial problem of how to stage travel sequences in a manner that reads well. The set’s bright pink colour palette is a little trickier to deal with and while I appreciate the way the set pieces and detailed costumes nod to this through the inclusion of pink splatters and blobs, pushing back against the ‘pinkocalypse’ is a bit of a losing battle (and not really this production’s fault at all).

More here.

(I received a comp to this show.)





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